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Maddydeichmann 19 days ago

Top Sirloin Steak

My husband and I did internships in the area over a year and a half ago and came here once. It was by far the best overall experience with Rodizo we've had before. The Steak was probably both of our favorites but it's so hard to say. We just moved back to the area and will definitely be returning soon!

Phoenixhlo about 1 month ago


Got the chicken breast dinner plate, everything was cooked to perfection. Great environment and very friendly staff!

Lymarihernandez1 about 2 months ago

Empanada Platter

Shredded chicken and cream cheese in a crispy flour empanada- delicious. Can't wait to have this again.

Jimmycolombo about 2 months ago

X-Montevideo Sand

Succulent and packed with flavor! Reminds me of home!

Ccollins112007 2 months ago


Everything from start to finish was fantastic! Everything that we sampled was delicious, and our server (Colleen) was kind, thoughtful, and attentive! My husband and I will absolutely be back!

Chrisstellato58 3 months ago

Ribs Steak

Very good Each smoked food all times couldn't find a good restaurant this one is one of the best

Jburg333 3 months ago

Taste of Brazil

It was very good great service juicy tasty food I've been here twice and both times the food was delicious to the last Bite. Only con is it's a little small but the atmosphere is nice.

Dellechiaiec 3 months ago

Brazilian Nachos

Absolutely incredible nachos who'da thought that plantains would be better than chips no more Mexican nachos for me I've come over to be a Brazilian girl

Wendale68 4 months ago

Top Sirloin Steak Plate

When there today as a first timer...ordered steak meal...the steak was cooked to awesomeness...the sides that came with it where questionable...white rice and yucka fries and plantains were really good. But the pinto beans with the meat in were dry and not very the waitress Coleen was incredible...answered all my questions and was very pleasant and go back and try it again and definitely recommend...the steak again was amazing...

Brkershaw22 4 months ago

Top Sirloin Steak

So flavorful and perfectly cooked everyrime!

Bearbehr1 4 months ago

Comeketo Sampler

I went to Cometko for the first time a few weeks ago. I was hungry and had the all you can eat meal. One item was better than the next. Each piece of meat was flavorful and delicious. I was so full I skipped dessert.

Spwden4mass 5 months ago


First timers. We had an excellent introduction to styles of eating, by the hostess and waitress. The meat carver was kind and diligent. The food was superb. ☆☆☆☆☆ 5 stars

Ergonetan 5 months ago

Acai in the Bowl

I love this place! That is all.

Gfkorn 5 months ago

Sweet Plantains

The rodizio is always delicious from comekoto. The meal starts with the salad bar. After that the meats keep on coming out and are made even better with the sides that are included like the sweet plantains. After the meal is done there is a desert, warm cinnamon covered pineapple, the perfect way to end to end the meal.

Nibblet3 6 months ago


Great place to eat. The food is delicious and the atmosphere is friendly.

Idarosexxxliss 6 months ago

Top Sirloin Steak Plate

So we went during the tomahawk nights. That is what I was looking for as an option of food but since it is a special it didn't show. It was so much fun and jammed packed. The meat when they brought it out is huge! Our server used these bear claws to help cut and the meat was so tender, and juicy. it was perfectly cooked and the flavor was just sooo mmmm. It was so worth trying it because we also got rodizio with it which after that portion of steak we felt so stuffed we needed to be rolled out. Comeketo is such an experience. When they do event nights they should definitely be checked out. Wish I could've posted a photo of it on here, but it was massive and well worth coming back!

Taylordespres 6 months ago

Flank Steak

The flank steak was sooo good! I've never had tender flank steak before so I was surprised. Also the guy who was bringing us the meats was super cute haha

Zitodiscipulo 7 months ago

Pork Ribs Topped with Onions

This plate is very tasty. Specially when you spread some lemon over it. Thanks Comeketo steakhouse for those delicious dishes.

Guest 7 months ago


sooo good!

Julietournas about 1 month ago

Brazilian Cordon Bleu

Delicious!!!! I kept going back for more even after I was full it was so good! Will definitely be back again for this dish. My husband had a tasting plate and loved it as well!

Passosmelissa about 1 month ago

Filet Mignon with Bacon

Absolutely delicious! This is a "must have". The meat cuts like butter and the bacon adds flavor creating a perfect combination

Isibis7 about 2 months ago

Flank Steak

Everything was delicious, but particularly the flank steak, the beef rib, and the steak with cheese melted on it. We also loved the collard greens and fried yucca that came as out sides. The meal ended with a delicious piece of roasted pineapple. The staff were very attentive, and happy to accommodate us in every way they could. Highly recommend.

Michele about 2 months ago

X-Tudo "The Bomb"

This place has the best Brazilian food in MA! Not too mention the service...all staff is great! I'll definitely be coming back for more fried yuka and for the delicious x-tudo and rodizio!!

Scottdarling 2 months ago

Flank Steak

The food is fantastic... the best experience for lunch and dinner... the waiters and the cooks have the best personalities which compliments the experience... definitely a must try

Bryanfrisch 3 months ago


Very tasty and served in perfect portions. Good to split as an appetizer or you can eat the whole order to yourself!

Dangrzybowski5 3 months ago

Rib Eye Steak

Absolutely amazing. Only problem is you fill up so quickly! Food and service are second to none. First time visit, definitely won't be the last.

Katchurch1985 4 months ago

Picanha (Top Sirloin Cap)

I cannot give enough praise to Comeketo!! The meat is always PERFECTLY seasoned! Can't get enough of this place

Krista8128 4 months ago

Brazilian Platter

This was our first time visiting, and we fell in love ! The food was amazing, the atmosphere was inviting and comfortable, and we had amazing service. We will definitely be coming back. Thank you !

Guts2bme 4 months ago

Ribs Steak

We ate the Rodizio so delicious and flavorable. So many options to choose from the best way to go is eating the Rodizio. Cannot wait to go back for more

Katefratus 4 months ago

Montevideo Wrap

One of the most delicious wraps I've ever had! The chicken is tender and juicy and the spread is to die for!

Csayers99 5 months ago

Leg of Lamb

This was our first meal at Comeketo; friends took us and recommended the Rodizio. Everything was delicious, but the standout (in our opinion) was the lamb. They also did a fabulous job with the broccoli and the collards. Their food is also keto-friendly. If you order Rodizio, you can ask for seconds on anything (veggies included). We'll definitely be going back.

Ourjunckmail 5 months ago

Picanha (Top Sirloin Cap)

We had so much food as part of the Rodizio menu. The side dishes were so good as well. The staff was so nice and welcoming. We had one of the best meals in a long time. We will definitely go back again.

Ebornstein 5 months ago

Garlic bread

So delicious! It is so strong the garlic on it, it's my favorite when they come around with it. So nice and hot. Love that you can get it also at happy hour!!

Malsperling 6 months ago

Montevideo Wrap

I had the Montevideo wrap - delicious - very generous portion. Would definitely recommend and order it again.

Elikittynar13 6 months ago

Top Sirloin Steak

I usually always do rodizio and that wasn't an option to do the whole thing. This is the one thing if you visit this place you should spend the $30 for it because you basically eat your fill and it's worth it. From picking four sides, which the plantains are so delicious when you add the flavor with the meat and also the whole salad bar you get on top of the gauche cuts and four sides that the whole rodizio is such a delicious, fun, enjoyable experience. The meats are so succulent and seasoned deliciously. There's a steak that is covered in garlic and cheese slice you get and I'm drooling just thinking about it. Every time we go, the experience is wonderful. Greg the bartender is so helpfully and informative and Rodrigo the owner always makes it a point to check how his patrons are doing. Always answering questions and making sure you are well taken care of. This place is a gem, always going to the events for the city and just all around wanting to make their customer happy. If there's anything more I can say is just go, go enjoy seeing the tantalizing meat coming out and enjoy the explosion of flavors as you have your first bite!

Isaisd33 6 months ago


Ive done the Comeketo Rodizio Special a few times now. Must say great selection of meats and they are seasoned perfectly. Also 4 selections of unlimited sides, will leave you full for the next 2 days. Service os always excellent.

Jaykru 7 months ago

Yucca Flour

Fresh and delicious!


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